2015 New Zealand Speed Golf Open Rotorua

2015 New Zealand Speed Golf Open - Rotorua Golf Club

On February 21st – 22nd 2015, for the first time in New Zealand, The Rotorua Golf Club will be hosting the New Zealand Speed Golf Open. The tournament is available to all newcomers and top athletes. Membership is not required to enter the tournament.

Speed Golf is a fun new exciting sport which involves playing a round of golf in the lowest possible sum of strokes and time. The score is calculated by adding the player’s total score to the time taken to complete the course.

There is plenty of fun to be had with the family – there are a number of planned activities from fun warm ups before qualifying rounds, a themed dinner with guest speakers and a concert on the Saturday night.

The winners will also be given direct access to the Speed golf World Championships in Oregon, USA in 2015.



For more information, email speedgolfnz@gmail.com

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