Play a Cheeky 9 at Rotorua Golf Club

Cheeky 9 Rotorua

Rotorua Golf Club is proud to be associated with and hosting Cheeky9.


Cheeky9 is a new team ­based 9 hole golf league going on throughout New Zealand. Cheeky 9 was started with the aim to get YOU leaving work on time, once a week, to enjoy the beautiful summer evenings, while getting your golfing fix.

It’s a mid-week golf league played over a 10 week period during the balmy evenings of November to February. Each week teams of 4 will be drawn to play against each other before splitting into pairs to play a new ambrose / matchplay style format. For more details on the rules, playing format and scoring system – see

In the great words of the world famous poet ‘Anon.’: “Reclaim your game as there’s always time for nine.”